What do you need to review and get together before you perform a Traditional Catholic Baptism?

Here is our Checklist for the Administration of Baptism:

Points to Consider Beforehand:

  • Both parents should be practicing Catholics, or at least there must be a reasonable hope the child will be raised Catholic.
  • In the case of Adults, they must be properly instructed in the Faith.[1]
  • Check that the Godparents are both practicing Catholic.
  • There must be a warranty that the child will be reared in the Catholic Faith.
  • Check that the name of the Child is a Catholic name.

Materials necessary:

  • Baptismal Water.
  • Oil of Catechumens (O.C.) and Holy Chrism (S.C.) of the current year.
  • Salt. (It may be blessed beforehand)
  • Shell to pour Baptismal Water.
  • Clean Basin to receive this water, (unless it is poured directly in the sacrarium).
  • Cotton to wipe the places anointed with the Holy Oils.
  • Bread to clean the Priest’s hands from the oils. (Modern custom uses cotton instead).
  • Surplice and Purple-White Stole.
  • White Garment for the Child, to be given during the ceremony.
  • Baptismal Candle, and matches.
  • Rituale Romanum or Collectio Rituum, or the Priest’s Ritual.
  • Paper and pen to write down the information necessary for the certificate.

Information required from the Parents:

(Use Form annexed in the Priest’s Resources Page).

Name of the Child:
Name of the Father:
Name of the Mother:
Date of Birth:
Parish of Baptism:
Name of the Priest:
1st Sponsor:
2nd Sponsor (if any):
Date of Baptism.

Note: Information regarding the marriage is not absolutely necessary, but occasionally, baptism may provide the opportunity to validate a marriage.

[1] For the Case of Conditional Baptism, consult “The Administration of the Sacraments” by Halligan, Pages 50, 52, etc.

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